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Symbol: SFINX

What's this?

In short:
Cardano is a blockchain platform. Its crypto currency is called ADA and it is something like Bitcoin.
But in contrary to Bitcoin and Ethereum it does not use a lot of energy to confirm transactions.
Like Bitcoin it can be used to make payments or store monetary value. In a world where fiat money (that´s your Euros, USD, ...) is loosing value on a daily basis due to increasing inflation crypto currencies with a solid background will most likely help you saving your investment.
With Cardano you can even generate a passive income without doing anything! The only thing you have to do is, buy ADA and put it into your wallet. Then connect (delegate) your wallet to our stake-pool. No worries, we will not touch it! The higher the sum of all delegated ADA coins is, the more likely our pool will get selected by the Cardano Network to calculate the "Proof of Stake" and will get then a reward for doing so. This reward will be shared between all wallet owners based on the amount of ADA in their accounts.
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While your ADA amount is getting more and more you are free to take profits by exchange parts of it into other crypto currencies like Bitcoin or convert it back to USD, EUR, by using exchange platforms.
But the best part is this:
The value of ADA compared to USD or EUR is currently increasing massively, which means that not only will you earn interest, but the value of your wallet will most likely bring you profit too.

Will the value increase?

Well nobody can predict that. But you have to understand: like Bitcoin Cardano is a limited resource. There will never be more than 45 billion ADAs, which means, that at some point you will only get ADAs if somebody is willing to sell. So the price might go to the moon.

Who's behind this?

Cardano was created by one of the founders of Ethereum. He got rid of all little mistakes and started to create Cardano, the blockchain technology of the 3rd generation with smart contracts and very low transaction fees.


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Claudia & Klaus

The information on this page is not investment advice! Cryptocurrencies are very volatile assets. An increase or decrease in excess of 20% per day is not uncommon. There is a likelihood of total loss of funds. However, the possible profits are far above what other classic assets (stocks) can ever achieve.