Get Started with Cardano


For storing ADA you need a wallet. We find that » Yoroi will fit best for most users. It has a small footprint because it does not download the whole blockchain. It is available as a chrome browser plugin and there are also versions for mobile devices.
There is also other wallets. If you check them out make sure that they allow staking! We do however recommend not to hold your ADA on an exchange for staking.

Exchange your fiat currency into ADA

There are a lot of exchanges where you can buy ADA. We shortly used » The most easiest way is to buy ADA with Bitcoin. But Creditcard should work as well.
During this process you will get ADA transferred to your personal ADA wallet.

Earn passive income by using our stake pool

It´s important to know that at any time you stay the owner of your ADA. Never will we or a representative of ours ask you to send your ADA to any address! Whenever you need to spend or exchange your ADA you can do so.
To delegate your wallet to our stake pool you simply search for sfinx in your wallets delegation list. The higher the sum of all total delegated ADA wallets is, the more likely our pool will get the chance to get rewards for processing calculations on the blockchain.